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Room Booking


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Room booking systems allow staff to book meeting rooms in the workplace using their email calendar and or touch screens located outside each boardroom. When properly designed and integrated a room booking system enables seamless booking of venues and include month, day and time slots. Having the ability to pre-book meeting rooms in advance avoids miscommunication and potential conflict.

With a cursory glance at the touch screen display mounted outside the meeting room or alternatively viewing the resource on your email calendar employees can see whether the meeting room is available, whether they are at the correct meeting location, when the meeting starts and when the meeting ends.


What is a room booking system?


A meeting room booking system is a integrated hardware and software solution that integrates with the calendar function on your email client. This enables employees to pre-book meeting rooms when scheduling meetings by using their calendar application, or outside the meeting room via the touch screen display.


The graphical user interface on the touch screen display indicates room availability at a glance; usually indicated as green (available) or red (occupied). The text based information displays both historic and future slot bookings and or availability  for the day.



How does a room booking system work?


The room booking system allows you to book a specific meeting room from within your email client, ie MS Outlook or alternatively outsde the meeting room on the touch screen display.

When not in use the touch screen display will normally be in a screen saver mode showing the meeting room name. When touched the display will show a detailed time line for the day indicating booked meetings (normally in red) and vacant time slots (normally indicated in green).

Booking the meeting room is as simple as selecting a date, start time, end time, giving the meeting a topic description and inviting participants.

That is all there is to it!

Room Booking Systems in corporate environments


Remove the frustration of occupied meetings rooms from your life. You can streamline your office workflow with meeting room scheduling. No more interrupted meetings, mixed up schedules, wasted time, or fighting over boardrooms.


With simple touch screen functionality and attention-grabbing display, your employees can book their meeting slots and easily determine meeting room availability throughout the day. The added benefit of a room benefit of a room booking system is that it enables the business to monitor room and equipment usage. It is no longer a guessing game; you will have the information at hand to determine use that will allow you to react proactively to increase or decrease costs in line with business requirements.

Room booking system benefits;

  • Efficiency - no more meeting interruptions or waiting for meeting rooms.

  • Flexible - check in real time the availability of meeting rooms throughout the day and book an open time slot. 

  • Easy to operate - book a meeting time slot quickly and easily from your email client or from the touch display outside the meeting room.

  • Real-time content - with a touch of the screen you can view room availability in real time.

  • Compatibility - book a meeting room with your email client calendar or use the touch screen outside the meeting room.

  • Analytical and informative - track your company’s meeting habits and equipment use and manage your time and equipment accordingly.

  • Cooperation - avoid conflict and encourage working together through easy and informative booking solutions.

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