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Video Conferencing


Craftsmanship, Quality, and Professionalism _


Video conferencing, often referred to as VC as well as unified communication (UC) facilitates face to face communication and collaboration among people in different geographical locations.


The direct benefit of implementing a video conferencing solution is not only the saving on direct spend of business travel but also the reduction of associated wasted travel time and indirect costs.

Other than the inherent cost and travel time saving attributes, video conferencing is generally viewed as a Green Technology contributing to your companies reduction of carbon dioxide (Co2) footprint. 

It has been proven that a professionally designed and implemented video conferencing solution can show a return on investment in as little as 12 - months.

AVDI is one of the most experienced video conferencing system designers and integrators in South Africa with a referenceable track record of the successful implementations of solutions from manufacturers such as Polycom, SONY, LifeSize, AVER, CISCO, Tandberg, Skype for Business, and Zoom across sub Saharan Africa.

Contact us for an obligation free assessment of your remote communication requirements.

Facilitating your

VC needs_

  • Consultation, design, installation and support of your video conference equipment solutions, 

  • The facilitation of financing of your video conferencing solutions,

  • The long-term rental of video conferencing systems,

  • Provision and installation of software (desktop) and cloud based video conference solutions,

  • Design and implementation of automation systems to simplify use, 

  • Design and implementation of scheduling and room management systems,

  • Conference rooms equipment preventative maintenance and support agreements (SLA).

Mobile Video Conferencing


The ability to use mobile devices to video conference means that remote teams and or executives on the move can still partake in your meeting.


Most new mobile communication devices come equipped with a built-in cameras and adequate on-board processing power to allow for quality remote conferencing via ADSL or Fibre WiFi and 3G/4G connectivity.


Software based

Video Conferencing Solutions_

There are a variety of video conferencing software solutions available, each with its own strength.

When used in boardrooms video conferencing software solutions are mostly used as a cost saving exercise and on the whole can not compare with a hardware solution experience. The most suitable use currently for software solutions are to allow desktop and or laptop participants to partake in a video conferencing meeting.

We use different vendors based on customer requirements in order to find the best fit for requirement.



Traditional hardware driven Video Conferencing Solutions_

Traditional hardware driven high definition conferencing systems are aimed specifically at businesses that require the best image and sound quality experience from their video conferencing sessions.


This type of solution aims to provide exceptional audio and video quality allowing facial expressions, body language and gestures to transcend geographic locations. Participants, wherever they may be, get incredible quality video and audio clarity with full high definition (HD) bandwidth requirements starting as low as 512kb.

Hosted Video Conferencing

Service Solutions_

AVDI can provide you with outsourced hosted solutions that are cloud-based. The benefit of hosted solutions are scalability of service. You can rent additional infrastructure as required. 



Telepresence systems are designed for organisations that demand the very best performance and require a state-of-the-art facility in which to provide communications.


Telepresence systems typically comprise of multiple screens; often three for the ‘far end’ views and one for ‘content’ that is included in the ‘meeting’. Telepresence provides life-like realism and offer the most compelling case to avoid travelling and thus all of its associated costs, burdens and environmental implications.

Video Conferencing

Solutions sold & supported_

  • Sony,

  • Tandberg,

  • Polycom,

  • Lifesize,

  • Vidyo,

  • Cisco Webex,

  • Starleaf,

  • Logitech,

  • Skype for Business,

  • Blue Jeans,

  • Zoom,

  • Skype Desktop Video Conference




Leading video conferencing brands, expert industry knowledge, years of experience getting it right. That’s why!

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