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Voice Evacuation Systems

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Voice evacuation systems are used in emergency situations to evacuate buildings or parts of buildings. During a evacuation different pre-defined zones within the building can be addressed separately or several zones at the same time depending on the nature and urgency of the evacuation.

The purpose of an installed evacuation system is to verbally address the employees within the zone or zones informing them about the nature of the emergency as well as to inform them about the necessary actions to be taken. The phased voice evacuation design allows the building to be evacuated in a controlled manner depending on urgency based on proximity of emergency.

Voice evacuation systems are equiped with a buit in self check mechanism to ensure that it will function as intended when required.



Meeting legal standards of safety 


AVDI design, supply and install voice evacuation systems that comply with European legal standard of safety compliance for fire detection, alarms and evacuation. The standard is known as the EN-54 standard and is a world wide accepted standard.

South African insurers require compliance with the EN-54 standard especially in larger business premises where large amounts of employees are present and or where there is a high risk of fire or potential emergency situations. Businesses should endeavor to adhere to the EN-54 standard in order to provide sufficient protection from legal action in the event of an emergency situation.

AVDI provides the following voice evacuation functions;

  • Design of voice evacuation systems,

  • Sale and installation of voice evacuation systems,

  • Programming and commissioning of voice evacuation systems,

  • Service & maintenance programmes for voice evacuation systems,

Pre-installed systems 


AVDI provides a electro-acoustic performance test in order to determine the performance of your existing voice evacuation system. The test includes speech intelligibility measurement and audibility testing.

Buildings still at design stage 


AVDI provides acoustic room modelling via proprietary software applications to ensure that our voice evacuation system design will meet customer specification requirements. In the event that building design limitations affect voice evacuation system performance we will be able to provide the customer with schematic proof of the architectural constraints.

Our Voice Evacuation Compliance


The audibility and intelligibility of a voice evacuation system has to be precise. It is therefore critical that you partner with a supplier that has both the knowledge and experience to design, install, commission and support your system to the highest standards.

AVDI not only meet these requirements but exceed these by providing the additional services of testing of minimum sound pressure levels or pose installation speech intelligibility testing (STI and RASTI testing).

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