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Automation & control

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Control all your integrated boardroom equipment with a single touch from a intuitive wireless touch panel. Our boardroom solutions eliminate the need for end users to juggle multiple remote controls in order to get an installed system working. Simply decide what you want to do by pressing a single button.

Automation of installed audio visual solutions


A one touch solution via a wireless touch panel that does all the work for you; drop down the motorized projection screen, switch on the projector, dim the lights, switch on the air conditioner and even draw the blinds. All you have to do is get on with the business at hand.













Lighting automation


You have the ability to pre-set dynamic lighting scenes for your boardroom environment based on intended use. One simple button press can set the room for task lighting, video conferencing or projector display.



Environment control


Air conditioning temperature settings can be automatically adjusted based on time of day or room usage using automation control & intuitive interfaces such as keypads & wireless remotes.


This will ensure that you workplace is always comfortable & energy efficient. 



AVDI is certified to work with all the leading manufacturers of automation and boardroom control systems.

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