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Huddle Rooms

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The problem; open plan office space. The solution; huddle rooms.


In recent years many corporate companies have turned to open floor plan office settings in the hope of fostering an atmosphere of spontaneous collaboration. However, recent research studies have shown that open office plans decrease productivity and employee well-being, while increasing the number of sick days workers take.


So what can you do to ensure your people are able to collaborate with minimal distractions? You can equip them up with well-equipped huddle rooms.

What is a huddle room?


In the same way a team of rugby players huddle-up to plan their next move on the field a huddle room or collaboration room is a strategically small meeting space that’s designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily.


Huddle rooms typically accommodate up to five or six people and feature the following criteria:

  • Easy for anyone to use,

  • Easy to manage and monitor room booking,

  • High quality audio and video,

  • The ability to easily present via a laptop or mobile device,

  • Easily connect to any platform,













Small space. Huge benefits.


There are numerous reasons why huddle rooms rooms are essential to collaboration and the success of individuals and teams in the modern workforce;


  • Huddle rooms are intimate spaces: As noted before, there are several problems that open workspace concepts create, but perhaps the two most harmful to productivity and collaboration are noise and distractions. Huddle rooms solve this problem by providing a quiet space where a small group of collaborators can have an intimate conversation without interruptions.

  • Given the size of huddle rooms, you would typical want to outfit yours with an all-in-one video conferencing solution that has a small footprint. Huddle rooms help remote workers feel included. Many remote workers prefer huddle rooms when it comes to video conferencing because their ability to connect and feel like they are a genuine part of the conversation is enhanced. To ensure your remote workers enjoy true face-to-face interactions, you will want to use large screen display units and a video conferencing unit with a wide angle camera which makes remote workers feel as though they are in the room.

  • Huddle rooms require no reservations or bookings. Everyone loves the idea of spontaneous collaboration, but it’s hard to carry it out if booking a conference room is only possible two weeks in advance. Because huddle rooms are small spaces, companies can install lots of them throughout the office, which enables people to meet on-the-fly for impromptu brainstorms and problem-solving discussions.

  • Huddle rooms make the most of office space. Specialist office interior designers recommend installing huddle rooms at the intersection of work areas to ensure employees can collaborate easily, and that you get the most bang for your rand spent on office space.  More companies are fostering collaboration by turning larger unused spaces into huddle rooms or by moving to places where they can have more huddle rooms.

  • Huddle rooms enable you to do more with less. Unlike the corporate atmosphere of an executive conference room, huddle rooms provide a more flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal environment, which makes them magnets for millennials seeking a collaboration oasis. However, don’t be fooled by a huddle room’s small size and laid back style. These little dynamos are great for taking care of serious business like webinars, sales presentations, job interviews, and more. Their nimble size also makes them a budget-friendly option since equipping four huddle rooms typically costs less than outfitting one conference room, and yet they offer four times the productivity potential.

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