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Control Rooms

Craftsmanship, Quality, and Professionalism _

avdi provides expert advice and consulting services to corporate customers, architects, project managers and general contractors on integrated commercial audio visual solutions. These include; display solutions, audio solutions, control systems, media distribution networks, and digital asset management solutions.


Whether you are evaluating your next project, exploring technology applications, or developing functional designs for complex integrated systems, the avdi Design Team can help you design innovative technical solutions. With a wealth of hands on experience, the avdi Design Team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional projects of all sizes.


​AV Technology and Your Project_
To best serve our customer requirements, our Design Team regularly research and evaluate the latest products and technical innovations. That effort, along with our extensive experience, uniquely qualifies our team to design the appropriate solution for our customer's exact requirements.


Clients are kept involved in the design process, participating in discussions to communicate their creative and functional intent, which in turn, informs us of the technical requirements of any given project.

Proven Methodology_
Detailed requirement specifications and schematic diagrams are produced to describe and explain the system chosen by our design team to bring our customer's creative vision into fruition. Design documentation produced forms part of the quotation process and is signed off as an agreed design by the customer.

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