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Video conferencing

equipment financing

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Video conference equipment lease or financing allows for an off-balance sheet purchase, however the VAT can still be claimed by the purchaser. Payment terms of up to 36 months can be negotiated.


AVDI offers in-house finance, leasing and rentals options for approved customers.

Video conferencing

equipment financing benefits_


  • Financing video conferencing equipment retains the expenditure as an operational expense rather that capital expenditure. 

  • No capital layout required,

  • Low cost of funding (less than prime depending on customers credit profile),

  • Non residual operating lease meaning that all payments are fully tax deductible,

  • True off balance sheet transaction,

  • Improved ratios of ROI and ROA,

  • Due to it being a fixed expenditure IT spending can be accurately budgeted,


Video conferencing 

equipment rental options_

AVDI's long term equipment rental option offers clients easy access to the latest video conferencing technology without upfront capital expenditure.


Long term rental options are available for 12 to 36 months and include free swap out loan equipment upon failure. Other benefits include;


  • Expenditure is seen as an operational expense rather than a capital expense,

  • No warranty execution issues; free loan equipment during warranty claim and repair period,

  • No investment in aging technology; always upgrade to latest technology upon rental renewal,

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