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Level Agreement

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You are proud of your company’s audio visual capabilities. You have made a significant investment in technology and equipment and love the way your system facilitates communication during presentations, training sessions and meetings.

A maintenance contract with AVDI will provide you with the peace of mind that your system is running at peak performance. Most break downs are preventable with scheduled maintenance. Minimize the risk of embarrassing equipment malfunctions and lost productivity by having an AVDI assurance preventative maintenance program in place.

Most break downs are preventable with:

  • filter cleaning,

  • fan lubrication,

  • lamp wear confirmation,

  • cable connection testing and labeling,



With AVDI's maintenance programs, you can rest assured that downtime due to repair requirements, user errors, lack of training or any other technical problems will be eliminated.

AVDI's maintenance programs ensure a consistent level of service all year round with the flexibility of monthly payments - no more expensive outlay up front.


SLA options include a Standard platform as well as a Premium platform for service, repairs and support as detailed below;

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